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Overfocused ADD

People with this type of ADD tend to get locked into rigid behavior patterns and have trouble shifting their attention from thought to thought. This brain pattern shows increased blood flow in the top middle portion of the frontal lobes (cingulate area of the brain). This is the part of the brain that allows you to shift your attention from thing to thing. When this part of the brain is working too hard, people have trouble shifting their attention and end up "stuck" on thoughts or behaviors.

This pattern is often made worse by the usual ADD stimulant medications as the real problem isn't inattention, but over-attention. When you give this type of ADD patient a stimulant medication, they tend to focus more on the thoughts they get stuck on, making the problem worse.

Nutritional intervention can be especially helpful for this type of ADD, as low serotonin levels are often associated with worrying, moodiness, emotional rigidity and irritability. The calming effect of serotonin can often be felt in 30 minutes simply by eating carbohydrate-containing foods, such as pastas, potatoes, bread, pretzels, and popcorn, as well as foods rich in tryptophan, such as chicken, turkey, salmon, beef, peanut butter, eggs, green peas, potatoes and milk. Nutritional supplements can also increase levels of brain serotonin and decrease negative emotional reactiveness.

Diet & Exercise

A lower protein, higher carbohydrate diet will help Increase serotonin levels naturally. Focus on nutrional whole-grain foods, such as durim wheat pasta, potatoes, bread, pretzels, and popcorn. Foods that are rich in tryptophan such as chicken, turkey, salmon, beef, peanut butter, eggs, green peas, potatoes and milk can also increase serotonin.

Strive for 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise at least 5 times a week. A fast walk is fine, but whatever exercise you choose needs to raise your heart rate. As always, consult your doctor or a certified personal trainer before starting a rigorous exercise program.


Worries excessively or senselessly
Is oppositional and argumentative
Tends to get locked into negative thoughts, hving the same thought over and over again
Tendency towards compulsive behaviors
Tends to hold grudges
Has trouble shifting attention from subject to subject
Difficulty seeing options in situations
Holds onto his/her own opinion and won't listen to others


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